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Contemporary icons 2020


Rider chair for Missana at NEO2 on Madrid.

In a world where a lot of digital information is consumed through images, we miss contact with reality. That is why from February 10 to 16, a collection of furniture that will most likely become icons of the history of design in Spanish can be seen live.

Contemporary icons. Sit down Please! It coincides with two festivals held in Madrid.

The designers who have participated in this expo are: Arnau Reyna, Benjamin Hubert, Cresta Design, Isaac Piñeiro, Leblume, Masquespacio, Mayice, Mut Design, Pavel Vetrov, Santiago Sevillano, Stephen Philips and Vicent Martinez.

The visionary editors that are behind the selected pieces are: Akaba, Alutec, Andreu World, Annud, Capdell, Diabla, Expormim, Gandía Blasco, Missana, Omelette, Sancal, Sellex and Teulat.